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Source:zhejiang zhoushan archipelago new area Investment net    Author:zsinvest  Published: 2017-01-25 14:41

  •  Route
  Zhoushan Port in Ningbo City has had 234 container shipping lines, of which 117 are oceangoing main lines, 67 are offshore sub-lines and 50 are inland sub-lines. Currently, 13 air lines are opened for Putuoshan Airport in Zhoushan, around which located several international airports with air lines to everywhere.

  • Railway And Highway Transportation
  Zhoushan Cross-sea Bridge has been opened to traffic and melted into the Three-hour Traffic Circle in Yangtze River Delta. While Yongzhou Railroad begins carrying out preliminary works, main railroad from Zhoushan Port to Ningbo City has started its constructing.
  • Communication And Energy
  The area has been covered with optical cables as well as wireless 4G signals, of which wifi in some parts is free; Water and power supply on Zhoushan Islands has been included in supply system of the mainlands; Central gas supply is used on Zhoushan Islands as well as Zhujiajian Island; Waste water are processed concentratedly.
  •  Tourism, education, health, etc.
There are two national-level scenic spots on Zhoushan Islands,they are Putuoshan and Shengsi Islands; With colleges and universities, such as Ocean College of Zhejiang University (or Zhoushan Campus of Zhejiang University), Zhejiang Ocean University, Institute of Ocean Research of Peaking University as well as several scientific research institutions, Zhoushan has had a perfect education system; It is equipped with high-quality medical resources, such as Zhoushan Hospital as well as Zhoushan Branch of Ruijin Hospital etc.
  •   Government Services
The government of Zhoushan examines and approves efficiently to build it into a “three most city” with least affairs to be examined and approved, fastest speed and highest efficient in Zhejiang Province .

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