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Zhoushan National Pelagic Fishing Base

Source:zhejiang zhoushan archipelago new area Investment net    Author:zsinvest  Published: 2017-02-10 15:24

  Located at northern Zhoushan Islands, this base covers an area of 5.98km2. There is a national central fishing port in it called West Pier Fishing Port. With 7.6km sham shoreline and 700m opened ports, it has had two ten thousand tons and one five thousand tons of specialized wharfs for fishery as well as a 27,000 tons of single refrigerated storage, the biggest one in Zhoushan.
  This base focuses on developing ocean-going fishing, deep-processing of aquatic products, cold chain logistics, building and repairing fishing-boats and other relevant industries in order to build it into a domestically first-class and internationally influenced modernized base port for ocean-going fishery, international city for aquatic products, cold chain logistic area for processing ocean-going aquatic products as well as building and repairing center for ocean-going fishing-boats.

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